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My Perfect Yaoi
Yaoi Writing Contest

So, it's really simple.
You post your story or fanfic in your listme's blog and put the link below, in the comment box.

One story will be turned into a comic (one shot).
here are some important questions:

How must be the yaoi story?
You can write about anything you want (as long as it is yaoi). I accept fanfics, smut, lemon, shounen-ai... just free your spirit and create art. Important, must be an original story written by you. :D

How long must be the story or the fanfic?
I don't know... If you want to write something short or something really long... it's up to you. But, just to have an idea, something around 3000 words. Languages I understand: english, portuguese, japanese, spanish, italian and, with luck, korean.

When is the deadline?
It's june 20th.

How many stories can I write?
As many as you want. 

Is there age limit?
No age limit. 

Who will make the art for the comic?
I will. I made this drawing so you could see my style:

If you have a question, just leave a comment.

So, good writing...
I hope we can create something nice for our kawaii online fujoshis... :D

2013-04-10 18:40:40HomeReblog (1)
   Midnight2013-06-20 18:35:43
 Barely made it in time. ^^; Here's my entry!
   Midnight2013-06-20 19:28:26
 Also, a reference for the characters' appearances, if needed:
   hipeople242013-05-30 16:08:59
   Ai Ning2013-05-13 23:45:01 (had to resubmit my first link since I didn't properly paste the right one).
   My Perfect Yaoi2013-05-15 12:29:58
 Thank you for participating in the contest!! :D
   Ai Ning2013-05-11 04:33:28
   Ai Ning2013-05-07 02:43:10
 Can I post a pic of what my main characters look like to give reference for you or would you like to draw them as you would have imagined them as you read the story? Thank you!
   My Perfect Yaoi2013-05-07 15:27:34
 Sure, you can post images, photos and even songs. Your are totally free to create. :D
   sarah braginski2013-04-19 00:50:41
   My Perfect Yaoi2013-04-19 07:37:28
 Thank you for participating in the contest!! :D
   Cheyenne Michaelis2013-04-12 21:09:25
   My Perfect Yaoi2013-04-18 13:59:25
 Thank you for your participation!! :D
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